999,00 €

  • Color White / Red V
  • Size 5.0m²

Currently out of stock
  • Freestyle & Speed
  • Carbon Lightweight Boom
  • X-Ply Windows
  • Lighter construction
  • Shorter Wingspan
  • New SUP valve

Introducing the VAYU V3, the wing that will take your wingfoiling experience to the next level. With its cutting edge design and advanced features, the V3 proves to be one of the fastest and most responsive wings on the market. The V3 boasts a shorter wingspan that makes it incredibly playful, allowing experienced riders to unlock new freestyle tricks and giving beginners a much more forgiving wing that won’t hit the water as easily.

Lighter construction 4.0 = 1.98 kg + 0.250 kg. (Carbon Handles) / 4.0 = 1.98 kg + 0.10 kg. (Soft Handles)

X-Ply windows Lighter, Stiffer, No deforming in cold/warm weather

Carbon Handles

Exchangeable Soft / Rigid Handles

Shorter Wingspan for enhanced manoeuvrabiltiy & rotations.

Flat & stiff trailing edge resulting in faster performance.

New Vayu Segmented-Slim-Strut design.

New SUP valve

Premium Teijin Canopy

X-Ply windows Lighter, Stiffer, No deforming in cold / warm weather.

Premium Teijin Canopy. Stiffer and much more resistant

Carbon Handles. Lighter and resistant.

Exchangeable Soft / Rigid Handles Choose the handle system that suits best your riding style.