The New EOS

The all-new EOS represents a compact, high-performance wing crafted specifically for freestyle and freeride enthusiasts

GWA World Cup Winners

At Vayu, we believe in the power of progression. Just like Oscar and Yannick have through each competition...

Mr. Bennetts x Aura 2

Can confirm it´s the best wing I´ve used!

The Aura X Aluula®

The power of ALUULA®. Unleashed

The all new V3

Speed, agility, and playfulness for the most thrilling wingfoil experience.

The new AURA

Introducing our freeride and wave-riding machine. The world’s first wing with exchangeable soft-to-rigid handles.

Olivia Piana

We’re excited to announce Olivia Piana is joining the VAYU family as a team rider


The VVING V2 embodies all the power, responsiveness and acceleration of a VAYU design.

Cold Hawaii - A Denmark Roadtrip

We were very blessed with the conditions every single day, from flat water to wave sessions, and enjoying crazy sunsets at almost 11 o'clock at night.

The VVING by Bill Hansen

The design goal is a stable, high performance wing with a wide wind range, neutral balance and uncompromised ease of use

Steffi Wahl

It’s almost calm while flying and there is nothing that restricts the feeling. I hope girls see a fun potential in wing foiling


Discover our wide range of foil boards specifically designed for all skill levels, allowing you get the highest joy and performance possible.