High Aspect Frontwing

649,00 €

  • Size 1000

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  • Advanced Wing foiling
  • Medium size wave SUP/SURF
  • Faster speed downwinders
  • Pumping
  • Wake foiling
  • Ultra lightwind kite foiling

The VAYU 1000 Front wing is for fast wing foiling in stronger winds and waves.

Designed with surf downwinding in mind, the 1000 has a tremendous amount of glide, and is fast.

It also works well on fast riding smaller bumps.

Span 1000 mm / 39.5 inches
Actual Area 1388 square cm / 215 square inches
Projected Area 1310 square cm / 203 square inches
Chord 160 mm
Volume 1904 cubic cm / 116 cubic inches
Aspect Ratio High
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Padded zip cover