Foil Set Hi Aspect 910 Complete

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Set Comes with:

  • 910 VAYU Front Wing
  • 370 VAYU Rear Wing
  • 680mm Fuselage
  • 75cm VAYU Mast
  • Top Plate plus the required adapters.
  • Screwset
  • All Axis compatible 

Designed to lift easy and early for their size while focusing on long, efficient gliding and pumping. With tons of control and comfort for most levels of riding, our Glide wings pump unreal and glide effortlessly. While fast, their focus is to be the easiest high aspect wing allowing for quick improvement of your riding.

The 910 wing will immediately feel familiar and super easy to ride. But don’t get fooled. This wing can be pushed hard, pump forever, and turn on a dime with tons of speed. The turns are neutral and very well balanced.

When surfed, this wing will quickly become your go to setup for most conditions. And, when the wind picks up, Wing Surfing with the 910 is loose and fast, while it still foils fairly early.

The 910 carbon wing can be ridden with the tip off the water and you won’t even notice it. Incredibly smooth and well behaved for advanced levels and medium/stronger conditions. The 910 can be paired with a 500 rear wing for most control and stability, a 440 rear wing control and stability (all levels) or a 400 rear wing for a looser feel and carving turns while maintaining good control (Intermediate.) Use the 390 rear wing for Wing and Surf with good turning control and additional glide or the 370 rear wing for a loose feel and fast turning with less stability (intermediate.)

SKU: V05SET910
Range Dimension
Span 910 mm / 39.5 inches
Actual Area 1268 cm² / 196 square inches
Projected Area 1218 cm² / 189 square inches
Chord 160 mm
Volume 1458 cm³ / 89 cubic inches
Aspect Ratio High