Foil Set Freeride

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  • Size 1020

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Set comes with:

  • 1020 VAYU Front Wing
  • 500 VAYU Rear Wing
  • 76,5cm Standard Fuselage
  • 75cm VAYU Mast
  • Top Plate plus the required adapters

The VAYU 1020 Freeride Set provides a lot of lift and power.

Thanks to its big frontwing, it is now possible to experience the whole range of foiling. No matter if Pump-, Wing-, Wind-, Downwind- or Surffoiling, the 1020 Freeride Set is the true allround set in our line.

The VAYU Rear Wing 500 gives the needed stability to control the foil in any kind of conditions. Especially in lightwind or as a heavier surfer you will love the 1020 Freeride Set to get the maximum out of every water contact.

The 75cm mast is made of extremely stiff aluminum to give you the best board to foil feel.

The top plate allows you to screw your foil securely and stably into the board, additional adjustment options provide the optimal fit and easy tuning.

SKU: V05SET1020
Range Dimension
Span 1020 mm / 40 inches
Actual Area 2051 square cm / 312 square inches
Projected Area 2013 square cm / 312 square inches
Chord 250 mm
Volume 4161 cubic cm / 254 cubic inches
Aspect Ratio Low

Carbon Front and Rear Wings

Fuselage with large connection piece for maximum stability

Extremely stiff mast for direct feeling of foiling

Wings and fuselage completely interchangeable and compatible with all VAYU products